20 Funny Pictures Of Truly Unlucky People

20 Funny Pictures Of Truly Unlucky People

We don’t expect life to go smoothly all the time, but at the very least, we don’t want bad luck to interrupt our life. But, we have found some of the unluckiest moments in life we know you all hope you didn’t have to go through. These people did not see it coming and to be honest, they can’t help it sometimes! When you are too tired from working overtime for days now, you really can’t spare a wink only to realize that the President of the United States is standing right beside you.

Or maybe, you didn’t expect that a toad is going to be so enthusiastic in kissing you in the lips. Really, when girls say they want to initiate the kiss, it means so and the other party shouldn’t trespass that, or it’s going to be chaos.

The unluckiest and most awkward moments on earth can be found here! If you like them, make sure to share and check back often for more annoying moments like this!

Mom, I met the President.

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Happy birthday, Sonnyyyy!

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“My ‘It could be worse’ mug ironically appeared to be broken.”

They were looking at me when I was standing in a line.

She could be good at advertising on TV shopping channels.

Even teeth can be sacrificed for a good shot.

Mmm, now with a new taste of paper and cellophane!

Thank you, daughter, for not leaving it on the seat.

It’s a French fry, and this seems to be the best way to hold it.

When even the restaurant is hinting at cutting back on eating fast food:

I don’t care that he’s not a prince – he is great at kissing.

I don’t even know who feels more awkward at this moment.

The world record for cooking the largest scrambled eggs

This lady kindly agreed to take our photo. Thanks.

The manufacturers literally understood the phrase “air bun.”

If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. Damn it!

Trick! I wasn’t waiting for you here

It seems the tumble dryer has overdried my clothes a bit.

Hey, how dare you, Mr. Cormorant?!

Both brothers won the lottery on the same day.